Somival : partenaire des territoires, assiste ses clients et partenaires tout au long de leurs projets d'aménagement, de la conception jusqu'à la réalisation, voirez l'exploitation.

SOMIVAL, an Engineering and Consultancy company, accompanies, since more than 50 years, its clients, territorial authorities, manufacturers or investors, in the elaboration of development strategy and projects realization.

SOMIVAL's Engineers, Architects and Consultants form a pluridisciplinary team involved in the service of projects in every field related to spatial planning: TourismEnergy, Building and Civil Engineering, HydraulicWater and SanitationEnvironment or Development.

SOMIVAL strengthened, over the years and by its experience, a classic engineering offer by a global offer of technical, economical and legal services at the service of projects. The relationship built daily with our customers allows to develop a real partnership which may lead to an involvement of SOMIVAL or its subsidiaries in the projects investment and operation.

SOMIVAL is an actor of sustainable development and contributes to value creation and innovation, at service of projects entrusted to it.

SOMIVAL is ISO9001 certified.

Tourism and Territories

SOMIVAL supports local authorities and economic operators in reflexion and implementation of their projects: development strategies, organization and tourism marketing, design and feasibility of equipment and sites development projects, consultancy for project assembly and operation, accompanying for support of operators, assistance to the owner and control of project, operation and/or marketing as and operator with REVEA and SOGEVAL (SOMIVAL subsidiaries).



Beyond the Tourism single theme, SOMIVAL consultants can accompany and help to formalize local development projects: charters of territory, development thematic plans: agriculture, energy, water use, forest..., territorial marketing, structuring and evolution of public policies, multi-actors approach.

Buildings, Civil Engineering

SOMIVAL has been supporting local communities and public establishments for 50 years in their development projects to adapt their equipment to new uses. It also supports industrial enterprises to improve their work tools. SOMIVAL’s experts are engineering counsellors, they support works and global works monitoring.

SOMIVAL, as a public service delegatee, ensures the conception/realisation/exploitation/maintenance through its consecrated subsidiaries.


In the current context of energy transition, SOMIVAL and its multi-business expertise focus on a strategic reflection, cross-functional and innovative on the couple need-resource, to provide the most suitable techno-economic solutions to private as well as public owners.

From design to completion, SOMIVAL and its specialized subsidiaries (INGEN'R and CdF INGÉNIERIE) are involved at all stages: feasibility and multi-sectoral analysis, energy performance diagnosis, multi-energy, energy strategy, production and distribution of energy, energy management... and on projects of all kinds: hydropower, wood energy, photovoltaic, wind, geothermal, cogeneration...

Urban, VRD, Roads

SOMIVAL has multidisciplinary skills allowing it to work in the fields of urban development, road design and VRD (roads and various networks) and provides a suitable techno-economically and innovative response to infrastructure, development, housing developments and business parks projects

Drinking Water, Sanitation, Irrigation

The water control in all its components

SOMIVAL assists local authorities, public institutions, farmers' groups and companies for the definition and implementation of sustainable development projects for the control of water in all its components: technical studies and engineering, assistance to the owner, project consultant, financial arrangements and administrative procedures.

Our irrigation experts realize strategic studies prior to geographic areas equipment and perform all services related to the implementation of irrigation collective perimeters and drainage works.

In parallel to the irrigation activity, our teams realize services of assistance to the owner and project consultant for design and/or implementation of drinking water and sanitation: technical and financial programming, operations on networks: reinforcement, extension, renewal, construction... and works (civil engineering, strengthening, electromechanical equipment...) on tanks, catchments, pumping stations and water treatment, sewage plants, ponds, discharge stations.


SOMIVAL can provide solutions in term of studies and achievements in the field of engineering, of urban development, peri-urban and rural, activity areas, energy projects (wind, photovoltaic, wood energy...), linear infrastructures, habitat restoration, enhancement of landscape, sites environmental control, acoustic studies...


SOMIVAL consultants contribute to the integration of projects taking into account aqueous media (fluvial modelling, regulatory folders of Water Law), management of watersheds, by the design and construction of hydraulic facilities for the water control, preservation and optimization of resources and natural environments.

Otherwise, SOMIVAL designs, builds, manages and expertises dams and hydraulic facilities of any kind (thresholds, canals, ponds, hydroelectric plants).
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